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Gegründet wurde die deutsche EVE Online Corporation am 7. August des Jahres 2006.

Was einst als kleiner Zusammenschluss von 5 Spielern begonnen hatte, entwickelte sich im Laufe der Zeit zu einer professionell agierenden Einheit. Die heute etablierte Organisationsstruktur innerhalb der Corporation erlaubt jedem Spieler sich frei zu entfallten und auch eigene Ideen mit einfließen zu lassen.

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05. Juni 2016
The war between the CFC (or the Imperium) and The Money Badger Coalition (MBC) in the last few weeks has become a near constant hellcamp of the Saranen undock (more on this here), where the Goons and their allies have been staging from since January, and throughout the loss of their territory over t...
28. Mai 2016
Lina Ambre reports for The Scope on the deployment of the first Keepstar class citadel by Hard Knocks Citizens. Meanwhile, the Imperium continues guerilla st... Geniales Video - schauts euch an!
21. Mai 2016
02. Mai 2016
TWIUS hat seine erste Zitadelle gestellt. Sowas nennt man "German efficiency"!
17. April 2016
Wir ziehen weiter. Wohin genau werdet ihr schon bald sehen!
28. Mrz 2016
Es ist immer wieder eine Freude die lieben Bienchen zu ärgern. Momentan machen das alerdings noch ein paar mehr. --> siehe Map
24. Mrz 2016

19. Mrz 2016
Citadels Get Tested
Citadels are one step closer to entering New Eden. CCP held a mass test on the Singularity server today, and has announced a second round of testing for Friday. In today's test, players joined fleets and were warped to a citadel to test tethering, docking, and other aspects of the new structure.

06. Februar 2016
How To Stay Aligned
Also check out "Hurricanes" - Follow me on Twitter Like me on Facebook http://w...
01. Februar 2016
Citadels will be coming soon to Eve: Online in the Spring. Alliances everywhere have started stocking minerals and capital to be able to reap the benefits of them when they come out. On the 26th of January CCP conducted a mass test to see how the citadels would perform. Massive behemoths, measuring…

18. Dezember 2015

30. Oktober 2015

17. Oktober 2015
Here's the latest round of iterations on the sovereignty system coming in the Parallax release on Nov 3rd, as well as a few other features that your space friends in Team Five 0 have been working on. Sovereignty – Parallax Edition Some of these changes were previously covered in our last de

06. Oktober 2015
On Friday the 2nd of October, EvE Online Updates page was swamped with a swath of new and upcoming features the months leading up to winter and into spring. You can watch an overview of the upcoming update from CCP Seagull in the video below. Some of the more interesting updates include t

13. September 2015
CCP announced today in a forum post that with the September 29 Vanguard release, combat battlecruisers and their navy counterparts will be getting buffed heavily to make them viable options for PvP. This has been met with general enthusiasm from the player base with a few common complaints. CCP Fozz…

12. September 2015
(It seems the BCs are finally getting a bit more love from CCP. Personally I would have suggested some sort of AB bonus to go along as a class buff but we will see where this goes.) Original post found here: [] Hello everyone! By n

25. August 2015
The destruction of Providence at the hands of the Imperium has finally come after much deliberation and rumor-mongering. A primer of things to come was seen on Sunday evening, the 23rd of August 2015. A Machariel fleet entering Providence was reported in intel channels. Further intel reported the Ma

24. Juni 2015
Disclaimer: Due to the fact several Fleet Commanders refused to give their account of the battle, or supply accurate figures, there may be some inaccuracies in the report. This is coupled with the fact that 6 fleets were present during the battle, making it quite chaotic. I have tried my best to pie

18. Juni 2015
8-YNBE system, Querious region. On the 18th of June, 3:00 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to the Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition (From here on referred to as GotG) suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Pandemic Legion [-10.0] over a Confederation of xXPIZZAXx [PIZZA] tower in the syste

09. Juni 2015
June 2nd arrived very quietly as most of the important sovereignty mechanics were delayed 7 weeks. Since the effort to "unsolve" null-sec was launched on the first 07 show on Sep 25, 2014 (33:30 minute mark,) since then players have taken a wait-and-see approach, putting their long-

03. Juni 2015
I1Y-IU system, Querious region. In the early hours of the 3rd of June, forces belonging to Guardians of the Galaxy coalition clashed with Imperium forces in a battle over the shield timer of the ED-L9T station, paradoxically in their own staging system of I1Y-IU. The Guardians of the Galaxy coali

16. Mai 2015
Disclaimer: The battle report was written using video footage, eye witness reports and reddit posts. However, no clear image of the fight could be reconstructed. The article will be updated as more information is brought to light. Querious region. In the early hours of the 15th of May, two battle

02. Mai 2015
Updates Game of Sov in New Eden
With the Vanguard Coalition expanding his border in the North, CO2 cleaning Venal, Black Legion playing with HERO, TEST alliance making the show in Scalding Pass/Wicked Creek and more… - The North = * The Vanguard Coalition : Triumvirate Alliance conquered one more System in Etherium Reach (IHUB ki…

24. April 2015
Follow latest and greatest news on Eve Online universe. Stay tuned for new spaceships, ship upgrades, performance enhancements in game and more.
am 28. April erscheint die Erweiterung MOSAIC, hier erfährst Du mehr
10. April 2015
After stretches of meaningless battles, the CFC and N3 conflict in the Fountain/Delve region has heated up. The CFC's counteroffensive has been yielding results as the first major station in Delve has fallen (ZXB-VC). Darkness and Kadeshi have been unable to get a solid defense up so far and h

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